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Latest News

  • Ioxus Named Edison Awards Finalist

    uSTART® by Ioxus, designers and manufacturers of smart power storage technology, has been named a 2018 Award Finalist by the internationally renowned Edison Awards™.   The distinguished awards, inspired by Thomas Edison's persistence and inventiveness, recognize innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy.

    "It's exciting to see companies like Ioxus continuing Thomas Edison's legacy of challenging conventional thinking," said Frank Bonafilia, Edison Awards' executive director.  "Edison Awards recognizes the game-changing products and services, and the teams that brought them to consumers."

    The Ioxus uSTART is a battery replacement system that increases reliability of start, doubles battery and starter life, and lasts the life of the truck for OEM or retrofit applications. uSTART replaces one of the group 31 batteries and greatly reduces the number of replacement batteries a truck would require throughout its life. For a large fleet this could eliminate thousands of lead acid batteries saving millions of dollars and would eliminate thousands of tons of lead from the environment.

    The uSTART module works by intelligently monitoring and supporting the vehicle's electrical bus, providing andread more...

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