Ioxus modules, or iMOD X-Series®, have a wide voltage range, can deliver and absorb a high current, perform under a wide range of climate conditions, and have a long life cycle. Since most applications require voltages higher than a standard cell, users of these modules can implement them much easier than single cells.


We have several highly effective modules, ranging from 16 Volts to 128 Volts. Our modules use iCAP® Titan HT™ cylindrical calls a, and can be connected in series up to 2000V with no additional balancing required. The X-Series™ can also be connected in parallel to satisfy higher energy requirements.


A single design, creating 22 individual modules, which can be arranged in any configuration by the customer, allows for tremendous flexibility at the application level, allowing each customer to right-size the capacitance and voltage for their specific requirements, while using off-the-shelf products.


Integrated heat-sinks, built-in mounting which use standard hardware, optional Digitial, Analog, or CAN communications allow for any end-use possible. With 5,000V hi-pot, shock and vibration certification for all transportation applications, and field serviceable electronics all wrapped in an IP-67 rated unit, these modules are ready to service your application for many years with no maintenance.

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For additional information, please contact the sales department by writing to xseries@ioxus.com

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