Ioxus uSTART MD 12V, 1100CCA

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The Ioxus uSTART® product replaces one of the existing batteries in a truck, or can be added to existing batteries. There is no re-wiring required for the uSTART, when replacing one of the batteries. The system is designed as a two-terminal product, and is designed to install in 10 minutes or less, with existing battery cables and lugs.

The uSTART is designed to allow for multiple starts of a vehicle per day, up to several hundred, by supplying the vehicle the power and energy to crank and support other electronics during the start event. This allows the capacitor-based uSTART to handle all of the cycling, allowing the remaining battery(ies) to support long periods of key-off activity. When the vehicle starts, the uSTART is charged up from the alternator in less than 30 seconds, rapidly allowing for another engine-off event. By providing the power for crank, and energy for start, the uSTART product keeps the batteries from seeing frequent excursions to low voltages that cause damage (sulphation) to the batteries, thus increasing the remaining batteries lives. We expect a 2X battery life on vehicles that require multiple starts per day.

The uSTART also prevents low voltage sags or low voltage cut-off of other components during the crank, but always trying to maintain 13.0V on the electrical system. The uSTART has increased the lower limit voltage by 2..0+ volts in almost all vehicles tested and on the road. This causes longer life from other electronic components, and we expect a 2X starter life by preventing low voltage, high current, extended cranking events. As a matter of fact, older vehicles that installed uSTART as a retrofit experienced up to 40% faster starts!

There is also a built-in jump start feature for the uSTART, that will allow you to jump start your vehicle in event that you have exhausted the batteries and capacitor. By pressing the "Start" button the system, the capacitors will recharge from the low batteries, provided that have at least 6.0V remaining on them, and will display an LED indicator, letting you know that you can start the vehicle. This will eliminate the need for on-the-road jump starts, saving hundreds of dollars.

Form Factor
BCI Group 31 (L 330mm x W 173mm x H 240mm)
Weight (<9kg) [~1/3 of Group 31 AGM or SLI Battery]

1. Less than 10 minute installation - directly replaces one group 31 battery - no rewiring required!
2. Increased Reliability - prevents stranded vehicles, starts in the harshest of conditions
3. Increased Efficiency - powers hundreds of Stop/Start events per day, Ideal for delivery vehicles
4. Rapid Payback:

  • Keeps your trucks rolling
  • Battery life doubled
  • Starter life doubled

5. Built-in, road-side “Jump Start” - even with a dead battery

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Latest News

  • Ioxus uSTART™ Drop in Battery Replacement for Trucks, Guarantees Starts

    Ultracapacitor-powered uSTART™ available for Class 3 - 6 Vehicles

    ONEONTA, N.Y., March 28, 2016 -- Ioxus, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors and energy storage products, announced today that the uSTART™ engine starting system is now being offered as the industry's only drop-in replacement product that needs no special wiring. The Ioxus ultracapacitor-based product is designed to do all of the things that competitive products do not, such as increasing the vehicle bus voltage by greater than 10% during crank, reducing cranking time for more than 20%, reduce peak current to the starter by more than 15%, reduce the cycling seen by the battery by more than 40%, increasing starter life by more than 30%, and provide a built-in jump start system that will allow users to charge the capacitor from adjacent "dead" batteries and eliminate stranded trucks. All without any special wiring—simply drop-in uSTART in place of an existing battery!

    The uSTART system from Ioxus is a two-terminal product, eliminating the rewiring required by competitive engine start modules. One of the existing read more...

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